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Timbuktu Guy

Birthday : 5 Jan.

RJ of : The Spin,  co-anchor & producer of Breakfast show.

Darius is the product of AIR. He used to rock-n-roll Bangalore through 'Tuesday Tunes' on every Tuesdays.

Do you know why he was known as 'Timbuktu Guy' when he was in AIR? Whenever his co-hosts go on leave he used to announce that the person has gone to 'Timbuktu'. 

Hey, Darius have you ever been to 'Timbuktu'?

Know what he was in 'Radio Indigo' before shifting to 'RC'. One more RC RJ who was in 'Radio Indigo' - 'Sunaina'

RC fultu gossip: Do you know Darius is behind Sunaina. Don't agree? Well, I have proof. Sunaina's birthday is on 4 Jan and Daaius's is born on 5 Jan That's why I say he is behind her....he..he..

Hey, RC fultu saw him once. Know where? At 'Urban Edge' night party!! Of course girls, with his girlfriend, 'Anamika'.

Do you find difficulty in distinguishing between Shakira & Britney Spear? Darius has a simple solution for that. If it is 'small & humble' then it is Shakira and if it is other way round then it is Britney... Yup naughty guy. But that's what he suggested to his friend Arundati...

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